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3onedata MODEL485P Isolation RS232 to RS485/RS422 Converter

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  • Model: MODEL485P
  • Manufactured by: 3onedata

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Model485P is our top-of-the-line converters with both isolation and surge protection, enclosed terminal blocks. Isolated power and ground generated internally. No power is drawn from the host RS-232 port. LEDs indicate data traffic. Model485P is a hundred-percent isolated converter. Both RS232 and RS-422/485 side is powered by an external power supply.


1. Powered from double side, 2500V isolation, 1500W surge protection
2. Transmit distance can reach up to 1800M at the rate of 115.2kbps
3. Adopt interface atuo-adapt technology, no DIP switch setup, auto switcht RS-485/RS-422 interface
4. Automatic send data control, auto distinguish and sense direction about data transfer
5. Auto sense serial signal rate, zero delay automatic transmit


Standard Support EIA RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 standard
RS-232 signal TX, RX, GND
RS-485 signal D+, D-, GND
RS-422 signal R+, R-, T+, T-, GND
Working format Asynchronism, point to point or multi-point, 2 line half duplex, 4 line full duplex
Direction Automatic Send Data Control-no software drivers needs
Band rate 300-115200bps, automatic test signal rate
Loading Support 32 port loop environment(or handtailor 128 point)
Transmission RS-485/422 side 1800M(115200bps), RS-232 side less than 5M
Port protection 1500W surge protection, 15KV static electricity protection
Isolation 2500V
Connector RS-232 side DB-9 female, RS-422 side DB-9 male or 5 terminal block or RJ45

Working temperature     -10 to 65℃
Storage temperature     -25 to 85℃
Humidity     Relative humidity 5% to 95%


Input powered     5VDC external powered
Consumption     Static consumption less than 70mA, dynamic average consumption less than 200mA


L*W*H     120mm*33mm*16.5mm
Shell     Iron
Color     White
Weight     200g

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