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3onedata NP314B 8-Port RS485/RS422 to Ethernet Converter


  • Model: NP314B
  • Manufactured by: 3onedata

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Everything is networked is rapidly becoming the norm for enterprises the world over, and to keep pace with the trend of networked-based automation, devices must be networked in order to form an automatic data collection system for quality control, production monitoring, or even real-time cost management. But that doesn't mean your existing equipment and software investment is out of date due to a lack of Ethernet or TCP/IP connectivity. With 3onedata Express, devices such as CNCs, milling machines, card readers, PLCs, switching machines, sensors, and UPS systems will become powerful tools with network connectivity.
3onedata Express supports Windows 95/98/Me, Windows NT, and Windows 2000/XP/2003 native COM drivers, meaning that your existing COM port based application software will be completely compatible.,Turn any serial device into a network device instantly .Easy integration with any serial device, such as personal identification devices, CNCs, PLCs, switches, UPS systems, and Medical/Physical/Chemical instruments, Preserve your investment by instantly turning serial devices into Internet devices that run on your existing software, Extremely low transition cost, Entrance control, security/attendance management Manufacturing automation, Telecom and fiber optic network management ,Industrial control and process control, Hospital/Laboratory automation, Remote image transmission


1. Auto-detecting 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface
2. RS-485/422 serial interfaces
3. Supports Windows Native COM drivers with automatic network connection recovery
4. Built-in Ethernet and TCP/IP protocol supports Driver Mode, TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP
5 Built-in 15 KV ESD protection for all serial signals


Standard Accord EIA RS-485/422standard
RS-485 signal D+, D-, GND
RS-422 signal R+, R-, T+, T-, GND
Working format Asynchronous format, point to point, 2 wires half duplex, 4 wires full duplex
Direction RS485/422 side adopt ADDC technology, auto text and control data transfer direction
Baud rate 1200-230400bps
Data bits 5bit, 6bit, 7bit, 8bit
Parity Noneodd, even, Mark, Space
Loading Point to multi-point
Transmission 1200m
Interface protection 600W surge protection, 15KV ESD protection
Connector RJ45

Ethernet port

Standard Accord 10Base-T/100 Base-T standard
Protocol Support TCP, UDP, APR, ICMP and DHCP protocol
Signal Rx+, Rx-, Tx+, Tx-
Working format Support Server and Client mode
Rate 10/100Mbps, full-duplex or half-duplex
Memory Each port 16Kbit
Transmission 100m
Electromagnetism isolate 1500V
Connector RJ45


Working temperature     -10 to 65℃
Storage temperature     -20 to 70℃
Humidity     Relative humidity 5% to 95%


Input powered     External 5VDC power adapter
Consumption   300mA


L*W*H     227mm*147mm*42mm
Shell     Iron
Color     Black
Weight     230g

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