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3onedata USB4422 USB 2.0 to Serial 4-Port RS422 Converter


  • Model: USB4422
  • Manufactured by: 3onedata

Detailed Product Description

A quick and easy way to expand your PC's port count and to adapt serial devices to
your USB PC. Edgeport USB-to-Serial converters are intelligent expansion units
that connect to a PC, thin client or server via a USB port. They provide one, two,
four, eight or sixteen serial ports, as well as parallel and USB ports on some models.Compatible
with most Windows operating systems. No IRQ, I/O address, DMA or
memory address requirements. Serial port models require no external power. Models
with USB output ports use an included power supply.


1, Plug and play compliant, hot swappable
2, Add 1 to 4 serial ports
3, Multi-interface RS-485/422 model
4, USB 2.0, USB 1.0 and 1.1 compliant
5, USB port powered- no external power needed on USB to serial models or 5VDC power supply.


Standard                 Accord USB1.1 or 2.0, EIA RS422 standard
USB signal             VCC, DATA+, DATA-, GND, FG
RS485 signal           R+, R-, T+, T-, GND
Working format      Asynchronism, point to point or multi-point
Band rate                300-115200bps, automatic test signal rate
Transmission          RS422 side 1200M, USB side less than 5M
Protection               600W sugre protection, 15KV ESD protection
Connector               USB side type A interrface female, RS-485/422 side DB-9 male

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