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Hexin G.703 Balun Converter(Balance to Unbalance)


  • Model: ERA-HXSPG703
  • Manufactured by: Hexin


HXSP-G703 is an impedance converter from balance to imbalance. It settles down the signal conversion from 75 ohm copper axis cable to 120 ohm twisted pair wire.
By G703 converter, it is quick and easy to compete the signal communication between regular 120 ohm twisted pair wire and 75 ohm copper axis cable. 

Specification & Features:

  • Impedance: 75 ohm unbalanced coaxial to 120 ohm balanced twisted pair
  • Bit Rates: 2.048Mbit/s as ITU-T Recommendation G.703 Line Code
  • Return Loss: 2.048Mbit/s as per G.703 requirements
  • Insertion Loss: <0.9dB from 51kHz to 51.55MHz
  • Cross Talk: >60dB from 51kHz to 51.55MHz between 2 baluns mounted 15mm apart
  • Pulse Shape: 2.048Mbit/s as per G.703
  • Signal Levels: 2.37V nominal peak voltage for 2.048Mbit/s at the coaxial end
  • Isolation Voltage: 250VDC for 1 minute between windings
  • Pulse Test: 3kV as per ITU-T, K.17
  • Dimensions: 78mm x 42mm x 20.5 mm

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