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Hexin RS232 Isolation Repeater (PAIR)


  • Model: ERA-HXSP166
  • Manufactured by: Hexin

HXSP-166 Long Range RS-232 Optoelectronic Isolator, is a kind of RS-232 system communication serial port optic isolation product, at the same , it can let the communication distance of RS-232 devices up to 12KM. This product support transmission rate as high as 57,600bps, no external power needed, optic electric isolation 7500V. According to different customer need, there are 3 lines, 5 lines(HXSP-158) two types, separately corresponds to three line serial port application, five lines serial port application application with RTS/CTS (or DTR/CTS). You can also choose extend the serial port RS-232 telecom distance to 12 kilometers HXSP-166. 

Specification & Features:

  • One box contains a pair of HXSP-166, it must work together.
  • Extend the communication distance of RS-232 devices up to 12KM .
  • Plug and play ,neednot driver.
  • Port-powered, lowest consumption .
  • Standard: Accord EIA RS-232 standard .
  • Connector: DB-9 female, DB-9 male
  • Working: Asynchronism, point to point .
  • Baud Rate: 0~57600bps.
  • Isolation Voltage: 7500V Instantaneous, 2500V continuous
  • Dimension: 62mm x 32mm x 18mm
  • Weight: 25g(One Unit)

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