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MAKEWAY RS232/RS485/RS422 to Fiber Optic Converter

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  • Model: MWF201
  • Manufactured by: MAKEWAY

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Description & Features

The RS232/485/422 fiber optic modem can be used for transfer the RS232 or RS485 or RS422 signal by using fiber line. It could protracting the distance of communication and resisting the disturbing. It could security and the secret of the communications. The RS485/422 port support to multi-modes communications and is easy to construct the network. It is widely used in industrial control and data gather areas, especially for electric automation system and traffic control department.

  • Convert RS_232/RS_485/422 ,full duplex, semi duplex communication
  • All in one industrial interface terminal
  • unique serial port protection electrocircuit, support hot_swap
  • Built _in intelligent module, auto_recogonize RS-485 singal , no need CTS control
  • 600w/ms Lightning protection ,15kv static protection 
  • Transparent transfer, baud rate adaptive , no need change protocol
  • Industry level designing, all surface adhibit technique.

Baud Rate


RJ45 Port

RS-232 is DB9 portRS-485/422 is 9 terminal port

Optic Port

SCST FC can choose

Transfer Distance

Multi mode -P: 5 km
single mode
-S:20km (40km60km100km can choose)

Suitable Fiber

Multi mode 62.5/125μm or 50/125μmsingle mode 9/125μm



Error Rate


Net Topology

One to one

Working voltage

Out offering DC530V

Working Current


Size & weight

78mm×85mm×25mm 500g

Working Temperature





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