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VGA Extender Transceiver


  • Model: ERA-EKL300VE



High definition VGA twist pair VGA transmitter is the high quality VGA signal transmission equipment with the long distance drive capability. It’ widely used in the LCD, PDP multimedia advertisement project. ERA-EKL300VE should be use together with the ERA-EKL300VE high definition VGA receiver. Via UTP CAT5/5E/6, can high fidelity transmit the VGA、SVGA、XGA、SXGA、WXGA(16:9)、UXGA etc signal to 300M which output by computer host. After transmission, no ghosting and streaking effect and has clear screens.
ERA-EKL300VE has strong capability of anti-jamming and anti-electromagnetism radialization. It can be used in various interfered environment but no electromagnetism interfere to the environment. It’s green environmental protection products. UTP CAT5/5E/6 is widely used in various projects. And it can transmit the stereo audio and video in the same cable. So the wiring is very simple, convenient and economical. Comparing with the other traditional AV transmission solution, the twist pair AV transmitter can reduce the cost and increase the capability mostly. Comparing with the other congener, our product is stronger capability, better reliability and obvious cost performance.
Specification & Features
  • Can transmit the VGA video and audio signal to 300M max
  • Support VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, WXGA, UXGA etc
  • Real-time AV synchronous transmission, no delay and strong anti-jamming
  • Use one UTP (CAT-5, CAT-5E, CAT-6) to transmit the AV, low cost
  • No driver, not need to setup network parameter, simple and convenient installation.
  • resolution;1920*1440(max)
  • Power;DC 9V

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